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Poodle Doodle Sketch_edited.jpg

Before the dawn of iPhones and iPads as a means to entertain children around a dinner table, Jan had to rely on a watered-down table napkin, and pen from the waitress, to help keep her daughters preoccupied. It was then that 'Poodle Doodle' was sketched, and soon became a frequent dinner request from her daughters, and now grandchildren. Poodle Doodle's oversized ears, prominent hair bow, and bright smile remains the same, and her ear has always been perked up, eager to listen to all you tell her. From our dinner table to yours, we hope this precious, perky pup serves your family with as much joy and laughter as it has ours.

Jan Hunter Lingle holds a BA in elementary education from the University of South Carolina. She has directed, acted, and choreographed for theatre and local dance schools for over forty years. She and her husband Jay reside in Florence, SC, and are incredibly blessed to be the proud parents and grandparents of three daughters and six grandchildren. They are charter members of Trinity Presbyterian Church (EPC).

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